The Spiral is an advanced emotional clearing tool for profound growth and change.

What is The Spiral?
Over seven sessions, you will be guided through the process to deconstruct destructive behaviours that have been running in your subconscious to free you from emotional baggage and life conditioning.

The Spiral combines the most powerful personal transformation techniques and healing modalities together and utilises a powerful process called “root clearing” to remove sabotaging patterns that we often don’t even know we have until they’re gone. This is achieved by removing the blocks to our natural human ability to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and letting the intelligence of the body do the rest achieve this.

Who should do The Spiral?
The Spiral is for people who are ready to make a big change in their lives. This process will make permanent shifts in the way you show up the world.

We begin with a Zoom or phone call to ensure you are ready for this life changing process.
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