Why Alchemy Inside exists

Alchemy Inside is part of a greater vision to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Humans have unconsciously been at the mercy of their emotional habits and behaviour patterns, causing conflict and blockages that affect their inner and external reality.

When we connect with others, we compete for energy unconsciously, and thus power. Once we understand this struggle and become more conscious of the reasons beneath our actions, then we can transcend the conflict and have greater self mastery.

Alchemy Inside is dedicated to the expansion of greater emotional intelligence, creating a more conscious, heart centred and purposeful connection to reality.

Transforming from a duckling to a swan
The Alchemy Inside logo is of the alchemical sign of arsenic. The chemical is known as a highly toxic metalloid that was historically used as a murder weapon. However, with intention and in measured doses it was also know for its transformative elements, being used as a medicinal and magical cure to bring about enlightenment.

Like arsenic, our emotions, if we wallow in them and unconsciously let them rule, can turn to poison in our bodies and thus lives. With deeper awareness and exploration, we are able to transform our inner conflict.

Anatolia Hecate Karteras

Founder, Alchemy Inside

‘Our world is currently experiencing a rising tide of collective change; souls are waking up. We’re waking up to the old habit patterns and a collective consciousness of scarcity and fear passed down through generations. This way of living does not serve our purpose and open hearted connection with others and the planet.

‚ÄčThe more attuned we are to the conflict within us, the more we are able to consciously craft our reality and choose to live from compassion, curiosity, creativity, power and love.

Alchemy Inside is one of the many ways I use my gifts to guide others through their subconscious and bring light into the darkness.’